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I highly recommend ibacs. I worked with them to develop my brand new website and make recommendations for how to optimize for SEO. They were very professional, proposed a great web design in the first round as well as patient during unexpected changes that needed to be made. They were very responsive and acted in a timely fashion which is very critical when working with individuals over the web.

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I would recommend ibacs limited Uk to anyone looking for a professional website design - I had very little knowledge of web design but had a rough idea of what I wanted to achieve and the team at ibacs worked very patiently with me to achieve the final outcome that is I am hosting and having the site maintained by ibacs and look forward to a continued professional relationship with an excellent company.

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Development Process

iBacs follows industry standard methodology to ensure quality and on time delivery of your products. The following is an outline of the web development process we maintain.


Initial specification:

If you do not yet have a detailed specification for the system you want, we can work with you to create one. This may involve:

  • • Defining / redefining the business requirements, features, benefits and the overall    goals of the project, so business goals and IT priorities are aligned
  • • Discussing how we should work together
  • • Looking at the pros and cons of your existing systems and other systems you may have been considering
  • • Providing a draft specification and cost estimate for your feedback
  • • Project planning and prototypes


Once we have outlined the vision for the project, we plan the development and make the requirements more specific. The quality process is started at this stage. We produce a draft design and prototypes to ensure that we are on the right path from an early stage.


Development Scope:

Client’s idea of the product, its conceptualization, virtual plan or flow chart corroborating its feasibility is the first step to start with. Product development based on the client's ideas and bottom-line that is desired and final product blue print is finalised in the scope of work.


Design Process & Technology:

We help our customer to identify the right choice of developing the product and its platform. This helps customer in saving money during product development efforts and also reduce product cost when it distributes to end users. We use product design tools including UML & Rational. Product will undergo complete software design as per the software engineering standards. We offer Waterfall, Interactive, Spiral, and SDLC Methodology for product development.


At the end of the product design phase, all the components, screen, output, interface, graphical designs etc. are gelled. All the required business processes are integrated into the design.



This stage is the conclusion of all abstract activities including design and architectural framework. This is the critical phase in which the design ideas and requirements are given a concrete and perceptible shape.


This stage involves a close interaction between:

  • • Programmers
  • • Designers
  • • Quality Engineers
  • • Client


Development Methodology:

Our Software designers, engineers and technical professionals can apply a wide array of advanced skills in:

  • • Coding and testing on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax etc.
  • • Projects in Java, Active X etc. for Internet applications
  • • RDBMS, GUI and language platforms
  • • Group computing and Work flow applications
  • • Technologies such as OOPS, CORBA, COM/DCOM


Bug Testing:

The product that was merely an idea earlier has to be tested on various parameters to ascertain its expediency and robustness up to the satisfaction of our client and also to reduce the maintenance cost. We offer Unit Test, Integration Test, System Test, Stress Test and Load Test, and ensure that product is bug free and usable.


Installation & Technical Manual:

We provide product installation & packaging services. We offer standard installation methodology which is easy to use and reduce complexity of installing the product. Windows MSI Package is delivered with interactive screen to check the system against installation requirement.

We also offer Technical documentation services as part of product development. We prepare installation manual, system manual, user manual administration manual as per your requirement.


Maintenance Support:

Product support is more essential for the smooth operations initially than in the later stage where the product reaches its maturity period and runs on the virtue of its own experience. However the support continues depending upon the client's comfort level and product's robustness.


Exit Policy:

We support product development, maintenance and enhancement for long durations depending on your requirement. We have clear roadmap identified with customer at the time of product visualisation phase. We help our customer to define the roadmap for more and major releases of the product. We define the exit time in consultation with customer with Knowledge Transfer, Code Repository, Bug Database etc.; and help the product life cycle maintenance for our customers.


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