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I highly recommend ibacs. I worked with them to develop my brand new website and make recommendations for how to optimize for SEO. They were very professional, proposed a great web design in the first round as well as patient during unexpected changes that needed to be made. They were very responsive and acted in a timely fashion which is very critical when working with individuals over the web.

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I would recommend ibacs limited Uk to anyone looking for a professional website design - I had very little knowledge of web design but had a rough idea of what I wanted to achieve and the team at ibacs worked very patiently with me to achieve the final outcome that is I am hosting and having the site maintained by ibacs and look forward to a continued professional relationship with an excellent company.

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EPOS System for Restaurants, Bar, Night Club and Retail Shops

Suitable for:

1. Restaurants and Takeaways

2. Grocery Shops

3. Bars and Night Clubs

4. Retail stores


iBacs iRMS is a perfect EPOS solution for Restaurants/Bars,Clubss and Takeaways with its rich graphics and advanced features making the navigation extremely user friendly and quick to learn . Our latest version has been developed by iBacs with over two years of testing and feedback from our live clients.. The EPOS system is based on windows platform which makes it very easy to install, and has self-extracting modules to allow anyone to install it quickly and easily. To configure with different hardware it will take only few clicks to make it work. It has been developed with a huge number of supported hardware including touch panel, customer display, magnetic card reader, bar code scanner, thermal printer, dot matrix printer, cash drawer and many more hardware compatibilities.


Self Build Software Only

The application is compatible with most windows platform including Windows xp/vista/windows 7 and so on. iBacs iRMS is a licenced software provided by iBacs IT Solutions LTD in the UK and can be purchased as a software only package. We provide remote support to help configure and install the software to your EPOS hardware. Why spend thousands of pounds on your EPOS? Build it yourself with iRMS.


EPOS Solutions Features:

  • EPOS Software For Restaurants and Takeaways
  • • Easy and user-friendly visually stunning Design
  • • Desktop View of Every Table and Order created
  • • Customer Database
  • • Caller ID
  • • Kitchen Text and Kitchen Command Control
  • • Post Code Search Support
  • • Various Reporting systems, Sales Report, Inventory Report etc
  • • Inventory System
  • • Network Enable and Can Support 100s of Units to work together
  • • Different level of user management

These are detailed below with the available features:

  • Some Key Points
  • • Simple Screen Lay-out
  • • Multiple user Options
  • • Table Managements
  • • Bar, Takeaway, Delivery Easy Managements
  • • Simple Menu Changing
  • • Multiple Price Levels
  • • Online order Managements
  • • Cash Drawer and print Management
  • • Easily Retrieve old transactions
  • • Daily sale report
  • • Auto VAT Calculation

£495 Per Licence

iBacs Full Solution

We also provide good quality cost effective hardware if you don’t already have one (LINK). Please send us an email with your requirement of the hardware you may and we can respond with a quotation.


Some of the screen shot of our EPOS System:


epos for restaurant














epos for restaurant












System Settings


epos for restaurant












Order Screen


epos for restaurant

POS Terminal PT-6910
The fanless POS solution

The PT-6910 is not only user-friendly in design - this high-end product is equipped with a high-performance Celeron M CPU that guarantees particularly efficient and powerful processing. it features a 15" TFT touch screen monitor and low energy consumption, which contributes noticeably to the reduction of long-term costs.

The compact form and dimension of the PT-6910 is ideal when space is limited. Another factor contributing to its extreme reliability and absolute minimum maintenance requirements is that this product has no moving internal parts. The adjustable 15" TFT touch screen monitor can be adjusted to suit the needs of any workplace. Various optional peripherals allow the PT-6910 to be individually matched to any working situation.



epos for restaurant

EPOS Mobility Edition (EM200)

The EPOS Mobility edition of the hardware is quite unique; this device allows mobility with your EPOS unit. The Touch Screen monitor acts as a mobile tablet/handheld device, you are able to remove the tablet from the base allowing you to take orders from any location within the restaurant or takeaway... The device is hardwearing, robust and very stylish.





epos for restaurant


EM-200 Tablet

The EM-200 tablet is a small yet powerful mobile device with a stunning 10.1’’ widescreen LCD touch screen. It has an elegant and modern design combined with great technical features.

It’s mobility and smart design fits into various applications on the sales floor, in warehouse, restaurant and in the field.


EM-200 POS Base

The EM-200 POS Base is unique for the POS. With its compact design it can be used stationary and portable for various business environments.

It is multifunctional and can be placed at different spots (i.e. stadiums, events, trade fairs), without installing a whole cash-register at each place. By taking the EM-200 out of the POS Base, it’s a portable tablet PC for i.e. restaurant-orders, events, advertisements etc.

POS Base as multipurpose device can enhance the level of customer service and therefore increase the revenue. This innovation can protect the investments, leads to more flexibility and dynamic.

Latest Addition - Android and iphone Application:

iBacs have come up with the idea to reduce cost on the handheld epos units by introducing smartphone applications that can work as a order taking terminal on a restaurant, we have developed Epos handheld version for Android and Iphones.


Case Study:

Now a days many of us use smartphone, they are getting cheap as well and widely available with mobile phone contract, the smart phones are already has a platform that could be utilized for applications. With Android or Iphones it is now obvious to have WiFi connections. So we have came up with the idea of developing application which will work with the epos system and work on any Android and Iphones which allow handheld pda for epos system without any additional hardware cost.


iPhone Application for iBacs iRMS :


epos for restaurant















The iPhone application runs alongside the main EPOS unit and can perform as a PDA device to take orders from the tables and bar areas. The waiter can send the order directly to the kitchen from their iPhone devices and make further alteration. The application is graphically stunning and easy to navigate.


Android Application for iBacs iRMS :


epos for restaurant














The android application runs alongside the main EPOS unit and can perform as a PDA device to take orders from the table and bar areas. The waiter can send the order direct to the kitchen from their android smartphone devices and make further alteration. The application is graphically stunning with easy navigation.



SMS Printer for Restaurant Industry and Online Ordering Solution:


epos for restaurant

SMS Printer Compatible Website Development:

iBacs develop online ordering portals that works for Restaurants and Takeaway industry so that customers can browse menu and place order online. The orders then sent to the selected restaurants by the special printer devices such as the iBacsTel Remote Printer. One of the example sites to mention is where list of restaurants are receiving the benefits of online ordering via the printer.


iBacs has also developed a express edition of the website that allows online ordering facility for an individual restaurant or takeaway. With this framework, the restaurants itself can setup their own website with the framework and the website will be connected with a SMS/GPRS Printer and can print the customer orders as it comes. This solution has taken the online ordering to a new stage, where customers can get on screen confirmation of their order submitted. Restaurant can receive the order instantly on the device and can accept or reject or even can make a comment on the reply. An example of such a website develop by ibacs would be The technology is taking the Restaurant Industry by storm and it has been estimated that it will make significant differences of how they receive their orders in future.


iBacsTel Remote Printers are a GPRS and SMS enabled printing device. It uses either GSM or GPRS mobile network to connect to a network provider. It receives and process information remotely and converts that information to a complete order. The device can receive restaurants order directly from the website and can print the order on the restaurant. It can reply back with confirmation to the customer who is placing the order online. These changes the whole online ordering experience to a more dynamic and interactive stage. Customers find it really useful and user friendly. The device works in two way communication. It can send confirmation back to a SMS or Web Server with confirmation information for a particular order sent to the device.


iBacsTel Remote Printers are highly customisable. The device is a complete hardware and software solution with ability to be programmed according to individual industry requirement.


Please find a diagram below to better understand how it all works together.


SMS printer diagram


GPRS printer diagram


We have seen a growing demand for our Remote Printer devices throughout the globe. We are currently working with some leading UK companies for sales and distribution of these unique devices to reach our customers. Please be advised that our device is fully protected by Patent (GB0912623.6) and we actively monitor our market.





Feel free to Contact us or send your Request for and online quote

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