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I highly recommend ibacs. I worked with them to develop my brand new website and make recommendations for how to optimize for SEO. They were very professional, proposed a great web design in the first round as well as patient during unexpected changes that needed to be made. They were very responsive and acted in a timely fashion which is very critical when working with individuals over the web.

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I would recommend ibacs limited Uk to anyone looking for a professional website design - I had very little knowledge of web design but had a rough idea of what I wanted to achieve and the team at ibacs worked very patiently with me to achieve the final outcome that is I am hosting and having the site maintained by ibacs and look forward to a continued professional relationship with an excellent company.

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Online Food Portal

Online ordering website featuring an online ordering platform to customerís to search and pick takeaways or restaurant to order a meal or book a table became a business enterprise which taken the economy with storm. Companies like Just Eat proven the idea of a commission based platform to offer online ordering facility to takeaways and restaurants works and highly profitable. Soon the idea of online food portal has been adopted in the market and more and more companies tend to start up. Today there has been quite a large number of companies offers similar sorts of food portal services. It proven that the idea works even if there is a giant competitors, one of the reason behind is that the IT services has been advanced in last decade and web application became available more and more to the hands on smaller and medium size entrepreneur.



iBacs started developing an online food portal framework in 2007 keeping the giant competitors in mind. iBacs realised that there will be 100s of websites which will be quickly developed with basic e-commerce facility and open source shopping carts. Those sites will never be able to complete with the giant competitors purely because the foundation and the structural development that is required to build a system which can sustain the numerous number of concurrent user will purely be absent. Furthermore, a perfect menu management system which can allow virtually every possible combination of menu cards was matter of invention. That was one of the weakness seen on giant competitors as well. iBacs started their development keeping all of this in mind and made every step with a good plan and started research and development. After two years, a unique beta has been released where the system was a stable version of an online ordering system, the first website launched with the first initial framework was iBacs continued their development and today iBacs has a huge framework with complete functionality of an online ordering takeaway portal which can be compared with the giant competitors out there.



Some of the Key Features of the iNet Foods Online Food Portal Framework:

 • A system allows millions of users to be able to use concurrently.

 • A search facility to search takeaways/restaurant with postcode, street, areas, name, `
    suburb and so on.

 • A complete menu management system allows virtually any types/combination of menu.

 • A system allows virtually any possible special offers and meal deal.

 • A delivery area defining system allows virtually any kinds of delivery area settings, such as
    radius, polygon (Draw on the map), by postcode, by co-ordinates and so on.

 • A Delivery cost defining system allows to set various delivery cost based on customers
    location depending on area, how much is their order total and which day of the week they are ordering.

 • An Invoicing system that works automaticallywhich can create and send invoices out itself depending on auto invoice settings.

 • A unique commission management system allows more control over different types of order such as Collection Order or Delivery Order.

 • A Customer management system allows a vast range of functionality to interact with clients and allow them to use fantastic facility such as facebook connect, order history, favourite dishes, earning points, re order any previous order, save cart, save orders as templates, make feedback and comments on order, interact with other site users, tell a friend and customer affiliate allow earning points, address book and many more.

 • A reporting system allows various types of reporting, allows better control on the business.

 • An order dispatch system works with GPRS/SMS Printer to send orders remotely to the takeaways and receive confirmation.

 • Control panel for Founder (Super Administrator), various departments, Takeaways owner, customer and so on.

Please mind these are only some of the attractive features on the framework, for a full feature list, please contact us with your full company details and identification and we will certainly send you with the full product broachers.



iNet Foods Food Portal Framework Portfolio:


 • Site Developed WorldWide:


 • UK Based Sites:


Online Food Portal

Placing takeaway order online is becoming a tradition and various online ordering websites are opening to offer the service to the takeaways and restaurants. In the same time, having your own online ordering website for individual takeaways and restaurants are not yet widely practice. But iBacs wanted to allow the restaurants owners to become the owner of their online business as well by setting up their own website for their very own takeaway or restaurant. The framework offers a complete online ordering website with shopping cart and facilities to add/edit/manage menu and website page contents. The website framework is also compatible with iNetFoods connect software that allows the order to be printed automatically from a thermal printer on the restaurants (requires a computer and an internet connectivity). Also the framework is ready to go with GPRS/SMS Printer which allows hassle free order printing directly from the website as it comes and also allow confirming the order instantly with the customer with press of a button.


Some of the Key feature of the iNetFoodsExpress:

 • A complete e-commerce website with shopping cart and online ordering facility.

 • A complete menu management system allows virtually any types/combination of menu.

 • A Customer management system to manage customer.

 • An order management system to manage orders.

 • A reporting system for generating various reports such as weekly, monthly, yearly.

 • A Windows based software application iNetFoods Connect to allow online order to
    automatically arrive and print on the restaurants on a thermal receipt printer.

 • GPRS/SMS Printer connectivity to allow hassle free way to receive orders on the


iNetFoods Express Portfolio:




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